A timely quotation every Dharma Fool will want to read

— shared from Ven. Tashi Nyima and The Great Middle Way

Iwamotoji, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Ceiling detail.  February, 2012.

Ceiling, Iwamotoji, Kochi Prefecture, Japan.  February, 2012.

(The ceiling at Iwamotoji features 575 panels by local artists.                                          Click on image to view this section in greater detail.)


The foolish proclaim their qualifications;

the wise keep them secret within.

A straw floats on the surface of water,

but a precious gem sinks to the depths.

Those with little learning show great pride.

Grown wise, they are quiet.

Torrents always make much noise,

but the ocean seldom roars.

— Sakya Pandita, A Precious Treasury