The fool who knows, knows it is better to avoid proliferating around negative thoughts…

Dharma Fool

Great Middle Way

Exaggerated expressions accentuate and intensify afflicted emotions. Don’t say “I adore this food” or “I love this car” when a simple “I like” is enough to describe your emotional relationship with a mere object. Don’t say “I hate the heat” or “I detest this music” when you simply dislike them. 

Modulate your emotions while describing them. Use language with precision, and you will discover that extreme emotions are conceptual fabrications.


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  1. Negative expression is a magnet to some people, and it is not long before there is a group, all reinforcing that negativity. A positive and inspirational person can also be a magnet – better to seek their company as there is no wisdom to be found in negatives. (Hang on, isn’t that last phrase a negative ?) LOL 🙂

  2. We’ve all been there. Yes, we should seek out the company of the positive and inspirational: “Though only for a moment a discerning person associates with a wise man, quickly he comprehends the Truth, just as the tongue tastes the flavor of the soup.” But in daily life we can’t always choose our associates so conveniently. Best to mind one’s own negative tendencies.

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